Are you having trouble finding a winter RV spot?

Are you thinking about settling down for the winter but every campground you find online says they are closed for the season? This is a very real possibility during the winter in many states, specially the northern states. You most likely won’t encounter this problem in states like Texas or Florida as these tend to be popular areas the snowbirds head to. The main reason is not many RV campgrounds are equipped for the winter weather. This includes the right type of water hook ups for your rig and reliable snow removal.

One of the reasons campgrounds tend to either close or only offer a select number of winter spots is due to the water hookup. In order to prevent the water pipes from freezing they need to be equipped with a frost free hydrant. What this does is allow you to shut off the water below the frost line. Some campgrounds aren’t equipped with frost free hydrants and shut off the water for the winter.

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What we have found out during our time full timing is that campgrounds simply put that they are closed when in reality they may have some spots available. So how do you find these spots if no one answers their phones? In our experience you either have to find a spot in advanced or show up to the campground. We have found several RV campground spots by driving there and talking to someone who lives there. This includes privately owned campgrounds, KOA’s and RV resorts. This is not ideal if you are driving around with your full rig in tow but it might be your only chance if you waited until the last minute.

Keep in mind that many places will only rent for the entire winter season and not month to month. Some, if not most require you to sign a contract. This contract can be on a month to month basis however, we have found some that are for the entire season. If you are planning for next year you could save up to pay for the season upfront. Some places will give you a discount if you pay for the season so this is a nice way to put some money in your pocket. If they don’t outright offer a discount it certainly never hurts to ask.

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Another option is renting a private spot. If you are in ranch country chances are there are plenty of people with full hook ups all set up already. Many of these people however don’t advertise or have thought about privately renting. You can try searching Craigslist and local FB groups or FB marketplace for these spots. Your local feed store or ranching supply store might even have some ideas on someone with a spot looking to rent it out.

My advice: If you are planning to winter in an area that gets below freezing look for a campground before the winter season starts. Most campgrounds close around October for the winter season so keep this in mind when booking. Just because a campground says they will be closed for the winter season it doesn’t mean they won’t have a spot available. For some reason winter RV spots in the northern states don’t seem be advertised as much. Therefore it’s up to you to actually contact these places and simply ask if they have anything available.

Bottom Line:

  • Speak to management about available winter spots
  • Call campgrounds before October (KOA’s, resorts, privately owned)
  • Physically go to the campground and talk to someone
  • Keep in mind some will only rent for the season
  • Search FB groups, FB Marketplace, Craigslist, local feed and ranching stores for private rentals

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