How you can stay in Yellowstone National Park for free!

Have you ever wanted to visit the very first National Park? Not only did we get to visit but we got paid to live there for the entire summer season. This was by far an amazing experience for my family, I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am that we got to experience this very unique opportunity. I’m sure you are wondering how we manage to do this? The short answer, workcamping.

There are a variety of opportunities for workcamping throughout the US an abroad. The basic principle is you work in exchange for a free RV spot, pay or both. Want to learn more about workcamping? Click here to visit my blog post where I go more into detail on this subject.

Joe was able to secure a workcamping position trough YPSS (Yellowstone Park Service Stations) as an automotive technician. If you are not an automotive technician don’t let this deter you. YPSS offers a variety of positions to include delivery drivers and retail workers. There are also other companies that operated within the park where you can potentially find work as well. His position also came with employee RV parking. Keep in mind that each company is different when it comes to rent and utilities and it’s probably something what will have to be negotiated.

Lower Geyser Basin

Don’t have an RV? No problem! Most if not all of the companies that operate within the park offer housing and pets are allowed. Now, i’m not sure on the exact rules when it comes to pets or if it depends on what company you are with but I can tell you that pets are allowed in the provided housing we encountered. Not only are there dorms and RV parks which are designated for employees but there is also family housing available. You will have to check with each individual company about their housing accommodations and needs.

The employee RV park we stayed in Grant Village was small and quaint. It was a beautiful spot amongst the trees. Shower and laundry facilities where also provided. We did move to Old Faithful towards the end once Grant Village closed down for the season. There, they also had shower and laundry facilites. The employee campground there was much bigger than Grant Village and it also had a small employee restaurant.

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it was to spend the entire summer living in Yellowstone National Park. As a roadschooling family the variety of topics we covered with real life implementation was amazing. My kids where able to learn a lot about the volcanic history, variety of rocks, hydrothermal features and not to mention the amazing landscapes and animals the park has to offer. The most amazing thing wasn’t just learning about it but being able to experience it for ourselves.

Working well does mean work. But one of the great things is you will be working in an amazing location with plenty to explore when you are off. Trust me, there is so much to do in Yellowstone National Park. From wildlife viewing, to hiking and finish there is plenty to keep you busy. Don’t forget to visit my other blog post here to find your very own workcamping job at Yellowstone National Park.

Lower Geyser Basin

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